Mark H. – CEO at SwimAR

Ahmet supported us in the development of the software to drive the holographic display within our SwimAR product. He was an invaluable member of the team and enabled us to get a prototype up and running really fast. He is always responsive to requests and has been diligent in creating code that is adaptable and works really well.

Alexander S. – Senior Software Engineer at

Ahmet is an enthusiastic learner and always works hard to make stuff work. His range is all the way from hands on tinkering in the maker community to discussing complex CS concepts in larger projects. It’s been super working with him!

Kelly S. – Digital Communications and UX Lead at Sony´╗┐

Ahmet is smart, dedicated, and a great colleague. During the year that we worked together, I depended on Ahmet’s technical expertise in order to do my job. He always delivered his projects on time and working with him was a pleasure. I highly recommend Ahmet!

Dogukan E. – Co-Founder at Reaction Company

Ahmet is one of the kindest and talented person that I have met. With his skills in software development, we easily handled our projects such as gamification and augmented reality projects. Since we have met he answered all my questions that I asked and with his experience in electronics and development, he helped a lot to our agency.

Rebecca M. – Content Strategist at Sony

Ahmet is a highly driven and motivated engineer with a natural creative flair that permeates everything he does. Having Ahmet on your side will give you a distinct advantage especially with engineering and developing. I wish Ahmet all the best with his bright future – it will be exciting to see where his career leads.

Katayama-san – Software Engineer at Sony Corporation

Thank you so much for the great work and all the help. I appreciate your collaboration with me. You always achieved good results. I hope you have a growing success in your career and next job.

Misawa-san – Electronics Engineer at Sony Corporation

Thank you very much for supporting our project. It was so much helpful. In your next job as well, keep your strong motivation on technology. You are very skilled engineer. I am confident that you can be number one engineer at the new place.

Iwatsu-san – Software Development Manager at Sony Corporation

You made great contributions to our project, Sony SmartEyeglass LMX-001 development kit. We felt great working with Ahmet with his strong interest in technology. It will be very useful in every future career. It was very meaningful for us to work with you and we wish you success in future. We will keep doing our best, and you keep doing your best also, Ahmet!

Kanai-san – Product Owner at Sony Corporation

Congratulations in your new business ventures. I want to wish you all the best in your future career. It was a pleasure working with Ahmet. I hope our future paths will cross again in some day.