Intel Tizen Developer Contest Grand Prizer Winner
Prize : Grand Prize Winner – $4000 Coupon for IT equipment (Apple MacBook Pro Retina 2013 & Time Capsule)

I was a huge fan of Maemo ever since N810. I have developed a Telepresence Robot with N810 and a Bluetooth Watch for N900.
I have developed an entertaining and fun 2D game that uses enhanced HTML5 technologies to create an intuitive game experience for players.
The game is called LunarCannon. As the name suggests you shoot cannonballs to space to protect our planet against martian spaceship cruising towards earth but the fun part about game is that you have to consider gravitational forces of other planets in our case the Moon which also known as Lunar.
I was disappointed and sad for the future of open-source on mobile platforms when Nokia left Meego project. It could have been a great improvement on how software technologies progress and could speed up app. development but failed sadly due to bad marketing. Now with the emerging of Tizen OS, I begin to hope again for a better developer eco-system. I believe using HTML5 for app. development will make Tizen the best choice for developers.Because once you developed for Tizen it will be available on all major platforms.
So now, I decided to port LunarCannon to Tizen to reach out more players to share this fun game.
Porting is finished and recorded with a video to share with developers to show how easy it is to port an HTML5 app. or game to Tizen OS.

Application to Intel Tizen Developer Contest

GencsenGeleceksin 5.0 Winner ( Windows Phone 8 App Competition by Microsoft & Nokia)
Prize : Windows Phone 8

As a part of my Open-source Bluetooth Smartwatch project, I supported Android smartphones as the host platform initially. Then I developed a host application for Windows Phone 8 as well.

Application to WP 8 App Competition organized by Microsoft & Nokia

Congratulatory Certificate from Sakarya University
Prize : Congratulatory Certificate

Congratulatory Certificate was given at the end of Tech Talk, I have done in my final year at Sakarya University while studying to become a Computer Engineer. My teachers expressed their gratitude, and organized this certification as a recognition of successes in tech competitions, and involvement in research projects such as the agricultural drone project.

Reasoning behind the certificate