Do you need a developer for your project?

  • Building a website or a server?
  • A mobile application for iOS or Android?
  • A game for mobile, desktop, console or all at once?
  • Building an hardware prototype?

Let’s build it!

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I developed web solutions for various industries including mission-critical applications for universities and industrial factories. These solutions include real-time data monitoring servers, live audio/video streaming for Augmented Reality Remote Guidance, content management systems including payment integration over Authorize.Net and Paypal APIs.
Over the years, I used various technologies to develop these solutions such as: PHP, CodeIgniter Framework, Jquery, MySQL, MsSQL, Microsoft IIS, C#.Net, ASP.Net
My current web tech stack includes: Node, React.JS, Express.JS, Swagger.JS, OpenAPI, MongoDB, GraphQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Firebase, Serverless, Bootstrap, SASS/SCSS, ESLint, Prettier, Flow

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I have game development experience with a wide variety of game engines and lower-layer graphics libraries.
My favorite go-to game engine is Unity3D, using C# as the development language. It provides cross-platform support for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS as well as consoles.
I developed other game prototypes in other technologies such as;
Javascript/Canvas, Python/PyGame, Java/LibGDX, Ogre3D, 3DGameStudio, Adobe Flash

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I have been developing for mobiles since 2006, starting with Nokia Symbian, using Python. Since then I developed applications for various mobile operating systems; Symbian, Maemo, Meego, Tizen, Android, iOS.
I also developed several applications for accessory devices that connect to mobile phones; such as smart watches, bands and eyeglasses.
I worked as a Developer Relations Engineer at Sony Mobile Communications for 3 years, leading SDK documentation, review and release processes. I was also responsible for developing sample applications for critical partnerships and integrations for Augmented Reality products.
My current tech stack for mobile includes; Android SDKs, Java, Android Native Platform Modification and Development using C++, iOS App Development with Objective-C and Swift, AR and Computer Vision on Android and iOS, Unity3D for 3D Graphics, React Native with Javascript

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I define myself as a serial rapid prototyper. I built quick hardware hacks in matter of days, for sake of fun and learning new technologies such as; new communication modules, sensors, various mechanical challenges (heavy versus light weight contraptions), various refresh rate challenges (fast sensor reading versus low-power sensor reading). Some of my hardware projects received worldwide recognition, OpenVR to name one, including printed magazines, tech reporters, and on social media; John Carmack (Oculus, DOOM), Massimo Banzi (Arduino).
My hardware experience include; Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Inertial Measurement Sensors (Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass, Barometer), Wireless Communication (Bluetooth, WiFi, Wireless, GPS, GSM, Infrared, RF, HID, SPP), Improvised Sensor Design, 3D Solid Modelling and Printing Complex Multi-material Objects